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Core areas of expertise:


Francesca  ANutr

Hi, I’m Francesca,


I’m an Italian Associate Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) within the Association for Nutrition, specialised in Sport Nutrition and I am working through the process to register as a sports nutritionist with the SENr *. As a professional ballet dancer, training every day, I had to learn how to fuel my body to perform better and to monitor my nutritional intakes for over 18 years. I use this unique insight to provide my clients with practical, insightful and lifestyle-driven nutritional advice. I believe in a scientific and personalized approach to nutrition to help my clients achieving their goals and I am an advocate of the Mediterranean Diet.


I provide nutritional consultations, both in English and Italian, online and in our clinics in London and Twyford. 


Educational Background

Food Science and Technology BSc - University of Padua (Italy)

Human Nutrition (Sports) MSc - London Metropolitan University


Additional training:

Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice - London Centre for Intuitive Eating


Core areas of expertise:

Sports nutrition

Womens Health

Healthy Eating






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