About Us

Our mission is to provide practical nutrition advice to individuals, companies, and clients

We offer consultations in our clinics across the UK or online.


We also provide bespoke corporate wellness packages.


We offer the following services:

  • Individual consultations on a range of conditions; weight loss, eating disorders, IBS, family nutrition and more.

  • Health and nutrition writing for both corporate and media clients

  • Corporate wellness consultancy and employee wellness workshops

The Team

The Health Nutritionist is run by a team of friendly, supportive nutritionists and dietitians, centred around the goal of providing expert, accessible and clear nutrition advice to individuals, companies and clients.

We Know You are Unique 

Green tea latte or triple shot cappuccino?

Your lifestyle is defined by you. Which is why your nutritional choices should be designed around you.


We  provide personalised nutritional advice around your lifestyle because in our opinion lasting change comes from making small daily habit changes.

Our Story

Charlotte, our founder and nutritionist, gained her nutrition background during her undergraduate at Kings College London followed by a masters degree to further her studies. She is a registered nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition (AFN).

Specialist areas: 


  • Corporate Wellness

  • Coeliac disease

  • Eating disorder management 

  • Fussy eating      

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)


  • Low mood and mental health

  • Nutrition and pregnancy

  • Personalised nutrition

  • Stress and diet

  • Sports nutrition

  • Weight loss

The Health Nutritionist is run by a team of friendly, supportive nutritionists, centred around the goal of providing expert, accessible and clear nutrition advice to individuals, companies and clients.


Charlotte’s journey into nutrition commenced at an early age when she experienced first hand the strong interplay between her life circumstances, her thoughts and the food choices we make. This led to her noticing tangible changes to her mental and physical health, energy levels and sleep patterns.

“I remember when I was really quite shy and unable to stand up to a few bullies at school, I would come home and gravitate towards eating biscuits, chocolate or if all else fails slices of bread and jam

It’s funny now looking back, but this period of my life taught me so many important lessons around comfort eating, how our thoughts affect what we eat and consuming so much refined sugar can affect our energy and mood. I think it’s made me a more accepting and a less judgemental person with my clients as I can really resonate with their triggers or habits.”

This has fuelled her continued passion for learning about nutrition. Over the years she has undertaken various courses in personalised nutrition, nutrition and genetics, eating disorders, sports science and nutrition and pregnancy, plus many more.

Charlotte enjoys helping her clients in The Health Nutritionist clinics in London, Bristol and online helping them meet their nutritional goals. The Health Nutritionist also delivers corporate wellness programmes and advises nutritional companies seeking advice on how to convey nutritional information to the public.


The Health Nutritionist was formed to help clients achieve their nutritional goals by providing patient focused, expert advice that is delivered in ways that help facilitate habit change.