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Legal Considerations for Freelance Nutritionists

Are you a qualified nutritionist or registered dietitian who is considering going freelance? 

Do you know the legal policies required?

What about website policies?

Data protection and the new UK GDPR requirements?

We have designed this course to give you an overview of the legal considerations required to become freelance nutrition professional.

This is an online course that includes examples of the policies required for your practice.

Legal Basics for Nutritionists:
The agenda 


The course

The course is online through an e-learning platform. The course has pre-recorded webinars, long-form text, and downloadable policy templates. We also grant you access to our online community to ask any questions and speak to fellow students.

Training topics:

  • Welcome to the course

  • Why do we need to cover legal and GDPR as freelance nutritionists?

  • What are the legal considerations?

  • Registering with the ICO

  • What is UK GDPR?

  • UK GDPR - an example

Legal policies

  • Cookie policy

  • Terms of use

  • Booking policies

  • Disclosure policies

Protecting your clients

  • Indemnity insurance

  • Code of conduct and your scope of practice

  • Client consent forms

  • Security - data and video conference software

Checklists and lists of important organisations

Learn the legal basics and start your freelance nutrition journey


loved the format! Super helpful when you can’t make the lives or only have a spare 15 mins so you can do sections of it and come back to it later without losing your place! Great to have downloadable resources and useful links as well.

Very happy for attending this and I will be glad to attend any future sessions run by charlotte.

I found it really easy and informative, thank you

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