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Corporate Nutrition

We deliver fun and engaging nutrition and wellness programmes which are evidence-based and run by trusted healthcare professionals.

Our expert team have worked previously in the corporate sector and understand how to deliver engaging content based on your organisation's needs.

Support your employees by giving them better nutrition,  mental health and relaxation techniques

Corporate wellness has never been a more important topic for any organisation whether large or small. Integrating a well thought out corporate health programme shows how much you value, care and support your hard-working employees.

We work with registered nutritionists, dietitians, clinical psychologists and massage therapists so you can tailor your programme to your organisation. 

Delivering healthier and more productive employees

We empower your employees to lead healthier lives by simple, cost-effective wellness solutions


Why implement a wellness solution?

We spend 60% of our time at work. Employers are now recognizing their responsibility to implement corporate wellness solutions to deliver measured and sustained lifestyle changes


Why tackle nutrition in the workplace?

Food not only provides us with the energy we need it also affects our mood and influences our immune system. If our work environment has a detrimental impact on our daily bad habits then this can lead us to feel run down, put on weight and make us depressed.


How we can help?

We are passionate about helping you engage with your employees to help them become empowered to lead healthier more productive lives both within and outside work.  Our tiered solutions enable you to choose what solution fits your needs.

Our Wellness Solutions

Corporate wellness advice 

Our most popular and cost-effective wellness solution for small to medium-sized companies.

Educate, empower and inform.

Deliver monthly content through email, newsletters and your online portal to your employees

Wellness events and talks

Run fun wellness days and workshops both onsite or offsite based on your corporate locations.

We run nutrition workshops, mental health awareness talks and have our team of onsite massage therapists provide a much-needed relaxation treat for your employees.

Health assessments 

Run a health assessment day. Our team of healthcare professionals are there to measure and assess your employee's health status.

Health assessments:

  • Body fat,

  • muscle mass,

  • BMI,

  • Cholesterol

  • Blood pressures



Offer your employees the chance to book in over 15-30 minute slots mini 1-2-1 consultations with our healthcare professionals.

  • Clinical Psychologists

  • CBT therapists

  • Registered Nutritionists

  • Dietitians.

How to get started


Contact us for a free chat to see how we can help tailor the right programme for your needs


You choose what elements make up your wellness programme to suit your needs and budgets.


Here's the exciting bit, start implementing the wellness solutions and empowering your employees to live healthier.

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