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Situated in the heart of Clifton village.

 24 Regent St, BS8 4HG

Isington Nutritionist

Islington & Mayfair 

We see clients across London in our Islington clinic and Mayfair

Skype Nutritionist

Online & Phone

To fit around your busy schedules we offer online and skype appointments.

Treatment Area's

  • Corporate Wellness

  • Coeliac disease

  • Eating disorder management 

  • Food allergy

  • Fussy eating      

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)​

  • Low mood and mental health

  • Nutrition and pregnancy

  • Personalised nutrition

  • Stress and diet

  • Sports nutrition

  • Weight loss


Booking your Consultation

We offer nutrition consultations online and across the UK in our clinics. Upon booking please specify which location you are interested in and your preferred days/times.


Lansdowne members please contact us and we can arrange the best location at the Lansdowne club or at one of our clinics. 


On confirmation of your booking our nutritionists will email you our client assessment form and request a 50% deposit to be taken via our secure payment service to secure the booking. Payment will be refunded in full if appointments are cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.


Our client assessment form provides our nutritionists with a detailed overview of your medical history, your health symptoms, your health goals and current food intake. This will then give our nutritionist time to conduct a preliminary review ahead of the appointment, prior to the full assessment during your first session.

Online Consultation, 


  • Detailed diet analysis

  • Medical history review

  • Understanding your needs and goals

  • Tailored programme based on your health and wellbeing requirements

Clinic Consultation, 

55 minutes


  • Detailed diet analysis

  • Medical history review

  • Body composition report

  • Understanding of your needs and goals

  • Tailored programme based on your health and wellbeing requirements

  • On-going support


Initial consultation


Our initial consultations last for 60 minutes. In the few minutes prior to your arrival the nutritionist will be preparing the space for your assessment and setting up your client profile on our secure nutrition systems to allow for any session notes which may need to be captured.


During the initial consultation, our nutritionist will introduce the session agenda, run through the client assessment form and conduct a full medical and dietary review, addressing all health symptoms, health concerns and a full understanding into your lifestyle and health goals. Please bring a full list of all medication you are currently taking and any recent test results you may have received.


Next, we will conduct advanced body assessments, (if applicable) measuring your height, weight, body fat %, muscle mass %, BMI, your bodies resting metabolic rate and visceral fat levels.


We then work with you to refine a treatment programme based on setting mutual goals. Goal setting is a fundamental process into making each session tangible and outcome-focused. Each goal is designed to be time-specific, manageable and focused.


Once we have outlined the treatment programme, our nutritionists will give you practical, personalised advice to take away. This will be individual to you and will be based on how these changes can fit around you and your lifestyle, we don’t expect you to completely change your taste preferences or your social lifestyle but we give you expert ways to bring in real sustained behavioural change that lasts.

Follow up sessions

Our nutritionists typically can see clients weekly, fortnightly at first and then once a month once the client is in the maintenance and monitoring stage.


Follow up sessions last 45 minutes. ​​


  •  Full review of your progress

  •  New body weight measurements

  •  Diet history review

  •  Test results review if required

  •  Client coaching

  •  Goal review

  •  Nutrition plan

GP NHS Referral

Cancellation policy

We understand that sometimes our busy work/life schedules can get hectic and take us on a detour.  However, in order to be fair to all our clients and employees, we kindly ask that you be considerate in valuing our appointment by showing up on time.

Whether it be known or unforeseen, we have a cancellation policy in place. If you know you cannot make your appointment, contact us at least 48 hours in advance to cancel/reschedule your appointment. If you are unable to provide notice we will be unable to reimburse your booking deposit.

Booking deposit

A deposit must be paid at the time of booking, this is half the total cost of the appointment. Prior to the appointment, the remaining fees must be paid in full by either bank transfer or in cash on the day. A link will be sent to you via email to make the payment using our secure payment provider. A full refund can be given if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Finding the right nutritionist can take some time and its important to find the professional with the best approach for your needs. Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can help you.

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