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Charlotte Turner

Registered Nutritionist RNutr

Charlotte’s experience span’s working in the NHS as well as seeing private & corporate clients. She provides client centred nutritional advice which has benefited clients struggling with eating disorders, IBS & weight management. She is a registered nutritionist with the AfN.


Nourhan Barakat

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Nourhan calls on her experience in the food industry and her work in helping improve food provision for children, to offer clients evidence-based nutritional advice. She is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN and offers consultations in Arabic as well.

Tabitha Ward

Registered Dietitian RD

Tabitha is an HCPC registered dietitian, with a keen interest in weight management. She is currently working as a senior dietitian for a weight management service in a local authority and has been elected to be part of the British Dietetic Association Obesity Specialist committee.

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Lucy Joy

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Lucy is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) Lucy specialises in a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach. I believe that everybody (and everybody) is worthy of achieving health and well-being, no matter what weight or size, given access to non-stigmatizing support and care. 

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Harman Bajwa 

Registered Nutritionist RNutr

Harman is a registered nutritionist (public health/food arena) with the AfN. She believes in flexible, personalised and outcome-focused nutritional support. Her specialities are weight management, type 2 diabetes, early years nutrition and special diets. She provides versatile support in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

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Sarah Hawkins 

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Sarah is an AfN registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a special interest in gut health, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and improving our relationship with food. Sarah takes a non-judgemental, person centred approach working in collaboration with clients to empower them with the tools they need to improve the health of their gut and their relationship to food. 


Shannon Western

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Shannon is a non diet Registered Associate Nutritionist, providing weight-inclusive, person-centred care using various frameworks including Intuitive Eating. Shannon has a special interest in navigating emotional eating and helps those with disordered eating or chronic dieters find food freedom.


Martha Norris

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Martha is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (AfN) as well as a Personal Trainer and mental health writer of over 3 years’ experience. Martha’s philosophy is to keep the mind healthy and happy, this encompasses a bridge between mind, nutrition and movement. 


Georgina Giebner

Registered Dietitian RD

Georgina is an HCPC registered dietitian with over 20 years of experience working in the NHS and freelance. She is an advanced specialist in cancer, gastroenterology and rehabilitation. She uses a client centre approach to optimise health and wellbeing. Georgina has completed Masters training competency to support clients with late effects from cancer treatment 

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Denisa Dufkova

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Denisa provides a unique combination of both Nutrition and Herbalism in her evidence-based practice. Experienced in both private and community nutrition, she offers a personalised holistic approach including principles of Mindfulness, CBT, and Intuitive Eating tailored to her client’s needs to help them to reach their goals.


Francesca Straniero 

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

As a professional ballet dancer, Francesca has had to monitor her nutritional intake for over 18 years and uses this unique insight to provide clients practical, insightful and lifestyle-driven nutritional advice in both Italian and English. She is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN

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Joseph Mclean

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Joe brings over 7 years experience in health sciences and specialises in appetite regulation, weight loss and personalised nutrition. He is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN & also works as a health coach looking at lifestyle factors that influence eating behaviours.


Abigail Attenborough

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Abigail has a great passion for human nutrition and physical performance and translating her academic background of these subjects into digestible information that is accessible for everyone.  Abigail is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN.

Dr Chirag Gorasia

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Chirag is a registered Psychologist with the HCPC as well as a member of the BPS, ACP and Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. He specialises in helping clients meet their nutritional goals by overcoming / managing their psychological barriers.

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Andrea Clares 

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Andrea is a non-diet Registered Associate Nutritionist with a passion for health, food and wellness. Her mission is to help you reclaim freedom around food and heal your relationship with food, body and mind while moving away from the diet mentality. She is a HAES-aligned clinician using an evidence-based and individualised approach known as Intuitive Eating.

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Scarlet Gilbart

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Scarlet is a non-diet nutritionist who specialises in body image work and disordered eating. Helping those become free of diet culture and learning to trust their body through a HAES lens. She is a registered associate nutritionist with the AFN.


Amanda Nyeke

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Amanda specialises in weight management, health improvement & food sensitivity. She believes we should eat to thrive, not deprive. She helps clients improve their health through empowerment, motivation & knowledge through evidence-based guidance & behaviour change. She’s a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN.

Daniela Dimitrova Profile Picture.jpg

Daniela Dimitrova

Associate Nutritionist ANutr

Daniela is a Registered Associate Nutritionist, who works within the food industry and the NHS. She is committed to helping clients achieve a balanced and happy relationship with food, by supporting them with evidence-based nutritional advice, focusing on their individual needs and goals. 

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Katie Angotti

Registered Nutritionist RNutr

Katie is a Registered Nutritionist, with over 10 years of experience in the NHS, food industry and freelance. She specialises in pregnancy and postnatal nutrition, paediatrics and children’s feeding. Katie combines her non-diet, person-centred approach to nutrition with her practical experience as a mum.

Emma Foster

CBT Therapist

Emma holds an MSc in psychology and is our integrative counsellor registered with the BACP. Having worked as an integrative counsellor for over 10 years, Emma can tailor the counselling approach to your needs. Emma can provide treatment and support in our Clifton, Bristol practice and online across a wide range of areas namely; body image, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, exercise addiction and insomnia.


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