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2023 Nutrition Trends to watch out for

Updated: Feb 21

2023 is already underway and as part of The Health Nutritionist's nutrition consultancy services we wanted to share with you some of the potential nutrition trends that we think will gain momentum in 2023:

Plant-based and sustainable diets

With growing concerns about the environmental impact of meat consumption and increasing interest in sustainability, plant-based diets are likely to continue gaining popularity in 2023. This trend may also encompass the use of sustainable and ethically sourced foods, such as locally-sourced produce and organic options.

personalised nutrition recipe

Personalised nutrition

As advancements in technology continue to shape the field of nutrition, personalized nutrition plans tailored to an individual's unique health needs and genetic makeup may become more prominent. This could involve the use of DNA testing, gut microbiome analysis, and other data-driven approaches to customize nutrition recommendations. Here at the Health Nutritionist we offer personalised DNA nutrition tests and consultations.

Gut health and microbiome

The role of the gut microbiome in overall health and well-being has gained significant attention in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Consumers may show increased interest in gut-friendly foods, such as fermented foods, prebiotics, and probiotics, to support gut health and digestive function. Consumers are now becoming aware of how their gut can affect their health. The Channel 4 TV show 'Know your sh*t!' has helped break down taboos and has resulted in more enquiries for our nutrition and dietetic team to support them with their gut issues.

eco packaging

Sustainable packaging and eco-friendly practices

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, there may be a growing demand for nutrition products and supplements that come in sustainable packaging and are produced using eco-friendly practices. This could include biodegradable packaging, reduced use of plastics, and sourcing from companies with strong sustainability commitments.

Focus on mental health and brain health

The connection between nutrition and mental health is gaining recognition, and in 2023, there may be an increased emphasis on foods and nutrients that support brain health and mental well-being. This may include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other brain-boosting nutrients.

Alternative protein sources

As consumers look for diverse protein options, there may be increased interest in alternative protein sources such as insect-based proteins, algae-based proteins, and cultured or lab-grown proteins. These options may be seen as more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to traditional animal-based proteins. It's important to note that nutrition trends can vary depending on geographic location, cultural factors, and individual preferences. It's always best to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or registered dietitian for personalised nutrition advice based on your unique needs and health goals. Speak to our team if you would like to book a consultation with one of our nutrition professionals.


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