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Nutrition talk: How to be healthy in lockdown

"This is the worst lockdown"

"I don't know why it's harder than the others"

"When will this lockdown end?"

The above are comments I have heard in this week alone. Given today February 4th is #TimeToTalk I thought it's worth me posting about our mental health and how we can use nutrition to try and influence our mental health.

If you did a quick google, you would probably find that we have been in "lock...down" for a significant part of 2020 depending on where you were based. If you were to say to anyone that for essentially what could be 1 year in total time from 2020 to 2021 we would be without outside human contact, unable to see friends and family, have untold pressures from work - frankly as a society we were not prepared for this.

I am sure every person reading this or waking up has found themselves in some quandary, and perhaps before we had the tools to help deal with this - a simple thing like speaking to a friend may help bring understanding to the situation at hand.

I have found like everyone, that even as a nutritionist I am not perfect, at times choosing cake over a healthier substitute to help keep me going during a stressful period. My previous way of releasing the stress could have been swimming or going to the gym two activities I found that ground me.

So with that - Do you find yourself eating too much, reaching for comfort food or just feeling run down and not so great? Have you found the coping mechanisms for the stress you previously had may no longer be available to you?

To help with this (and as a result) I started looking into re-balancing our stress responses using the benefits of nutrition (something I know and control) to help with this.

I looked into the changes that happened when we moved from office to home specifically looking at solutions to the challenges we all face when working from home from a healthy eating perspective and have found a few main themes

  • Right routine - Eating patterns and occasions, and portion size

  • Good mood - Relationship between mood & food, blood sugar, nutrients

  • Brain boost – Meal and snack suggestions for concentration

  • Smart snacks – Timing, hunger vs craving, fibre for satiety

  • Immune support – Gut microbiome, phytonutrients, variety

The above content is rather specific to the audience and as a result, we started delivering the above in a number of workshops with corporate clients. However we want to open this up to anyone and every one - so we are running this talk via eventbrite on 26th February 2021.

If however, you would like to speak to us 1:1 our nutritionists have had an upsurge in "lockdown nutrition" queries and have found a number of tools and techniques that work so please get in touch.

If you would us to deliver a talk like this to your corporate employees we deliver online lunch and learns. We are passionate about inspiring others to feel healthier and we enjoy inspiring groups of all sizes. Please contact us to enquire about a corporate nutrition talk.

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