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Nutrition support for nutrition graduates

Updated: 7 days ago

If there was ever a year for creating a hub and a support network for nutrition graduates, 2020 would be that year. With the transition to remote learning and the economic downturn affecting job prospects, it's not the most inspiring for any new graduate looking for their first nutrition job. We first came across nutrition graduates Instagram profiles when we were promoting our nutrition training and mentoring opportunities for fellow nutrition students.

Here Lucy the founder of nutrition graduates explains what inspired her to create her online community.

Nutrition graduates

How Nutrition Graduates started:

I graduated back in September 2019 and during university, I was a part of a lot of different student support groups and appreciated all of the support that was given to me from my university. However, when I left, I was directed to groups that were generalised alumni groups or were for professionals in nutrition, but at this time I felt like a bit of an imposter and way out of my depth. To me, it felt like there was no middle ground for those fresh out of university and just needing that little bit of a boost and support to help them make the next steps. So, I created the group with the idea that I might make some new connections and find some others that are in a similar position to me. I couldn’t believe the response that I got to the group and it has grown into such a great support network for nutritionists. During all three lockdowns, we ran virtual networking to try to keep everyone connected so we could get to know others in our fields which were successful. In September, we ran a virtual networking event which included four different talks on different areas of nutrition, and we plan on running more like this in the future.

What the website offers:

In December 2020, we launched our brand-new website with the idea that it will

include information and sources for graduates to be able to find jobs. We have a jobs page that is updated weekly with vacancies that would suit a graduate, along with a page of CPD events to help keep knowledge up to date. We also have a blog that is for students and graduates to be able to showcase their writing talents and write about a topic of their choice.

Our ultimate aim is to give nutrition graduates as much help and support as possible

and help them with their next steps in their career.

Nutrition graduates can be found online or on their @nutritiongraduates Instagram page.

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