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Iron-rich meal plan

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Iron is an essential mineral we need to have in our daily diet. To help you include iron-rich foods in your diet to meet your needs, our nutritionist Nourhan has developed a general one-week meal plan to guide you to meet your daily needs of iron.

The below meal plan is a general guide to help you plan your weekly meals. Nourhan’s plan has been modelled to include varieties of plant and animal-based rich iron foods and a source of vitamin C to boost iron absorption in three or four of the daily meals, including snacks. The plan was developed to include a random range from 6mg to 14mg of iron per day to meet your family’s different requirements of iron.

We appreciate that everyone is unique with regard to their food preferences, allergies and any medical conditions. For tailored dietary advice, please visit to book your 15 mins discovery call for more guidance and support.

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