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A nutritionists instagram essentials

Updated: May 29, 2022

As every freelance nutritionist will tell you, nutritionists are natural-born foodies. We love all types of food from hearty comfort meals to fresh spring salads to those gooey chocolatey treats, The one thing however that nutritionists find difficult is taking that perfect Instagram worthy photograph.

That's why we were really excited to try The Foodie bag - a bag of Instagram worthy essentials that makes our job as nutritionists so much easier.

What is in the Foodie bag?

You will receive four photogenic backdrop sheets in a range of finishes. Perfect for styling your food in a range of different stylish background styles

A 5 in 1 pop up reflector – which really helps direct the light, particularly in some rather dimly lit restaurants where taking a decent photo of one’s meal can be a challenge. What's really handy is it folds up into a tiny bag too which makes it very portable.

A set of 8 postcards with mini-tutorials and tips from photographer and teacher, Matt Inwood (@matt_inwood). The tips include the importance of using grid lines on your phone, plus how to use lighting and angles to your photograph your dish. What's even better is the postcards have beautiful food designs for inspiration.

Plus the large tote bag itself is perfect for those photoshoots on the run or on location.

We personally think the foodie bag is good value for all the components you get as buying a stylised background card alone can be the same price as one bag (RRP around £39.95)

If you are a nutritionist or foodie and thinking of restyling your Instagram food images then check out The foodie bag from the Paper Bag Co for inspiration, they also stock lots of other paper bags.

If you are looking for nutrition inspired recipes that why not follow us on Instagram @the_health_nutritionist

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