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How to build a satisfying meal

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

enjoy a satisfying meal

One thing that most people struggle with when changing up what they eat and wanting to eat healthier is assuming that you have to eat salad leaves and boring food that can often make you feel hungry and unsatisfied. I'm here to teach you how to change that!

Building a satisfying meal that not only helps you to feel full but also satisfies your taste buds is so important! Because what's the point in eating something that doesn’t satisfy you?

What to include in the meal

Including the three main macronutrients in a meal is the most important thing to remember! Why? Not only then are you getting enough of each throughout the day but it is a solid plan to help you feel satisfied! The quantities will be different for each person of each macro so just go off of what tastes and feels good to you at that time!

It’s important to remember that some foods may fit into two of the different categories - salmon for example can fit in both protein and fat! So when having foods that can fit into multiple add a little bit extra from the two categories they cover to make sure that you are left feeling satisfied!

Portion sizes

When creating a meal or a snack, the only thing that you should be worried about is will the amount I am giving myself satisfies how hungry I am now? You don’t have to save yourself for dinner or eat a smaller snack now even though you are ravenous, eat until that hunger is gone and just have a small meal for the next one! There are no set portion sizes for people, there is no one size that fits with regards to anything in life and hunger will be the same!

This works for so many different types of meals, for making a more satisfying salad, for creating a breakfast that is light and perfect for those hot summer days but doesn’t leave you feeling starving within the hour!

Key takeaways

1- Include protein, carbohydrates, and fat with every meal

2- Don’t worry about portion sizes - focus on if that meal is satisfying.

3- If you don’t want to have one of the other food categories then you don’t have to! It’s all about what feels best for you at that moment!

If you need support or just don’t know how to even start your journey when it comes to intuitive eating then you can book an appointment today. Or, book in a discovery call to see if intuitive eating is for you!

How to get support in your new nutrition journey

Scarlet is a registered associate nutritionist, who specialises in body image and disordered eating with a weight inclusive approach. She is passionate about helping people fall back in love with food and themselves and working together as a team to do so. Simply book online to request her expertise.

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