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Charlotte Turner Eating disorder nutritionist

Core areas of expertise:


Charlotte Turner RNutr

Hi, I'm Charlotte,


 I'm a Registered Nutritionist RNutr with over 7 years helping clients feel healthier and more empowered in their eating habits. I believe in a client-centred approach and work with you to incorporate evidence-based nutrition into your lifestyle. 

 I specialise in helping clients across these specialist areas:

Eating disorders,

IBS/Gut health

Weight management (healthy eating approach)



I provide nutritional consultations online and in our clinics in London, Berkshire and Bristol.

Educational Background

Nutrition and Health science Bsc  - Kings College London

Human Nutrition (Sports) MSc - London Metropolitan University

MBA - Edinburgh Business School

Additional training:

Eating disorders and nutrition

Fertility and nutrition

Food, mood, and diet

FODMAP training

Please request a call back before booking any client with an eating disorder, as the client will need to be risk assessed based on their age, and BMI.

How it works

Choose the best nutritionist for you. 

Request a call back if you need help

Book and attend your first nutrition session

Guarantee: Full satisfaction guaranteed.

If you are not happy with your first appointment you'll receive a free session with a different nutritionst


Charlotte has an absolute wealth of nutrition knowledge and a practical and pragmatic approach; she really demonstrates that she cares and goes above and beyond to address not just nutritional requirements but the underlying issues and motivations. She really helped me to develop strategies for different situations that I was struggling with and offered constant and compassionate support throughout.

I was recommended by a friend to seek Charlotte’s advice to help regain my health after a severe riding accident.. Charlotte offered me practical and effective advice to regain muscle strength and combat weight loss for which I’m forever grateful. Since then, I have continued to use Charlotte’s methods to maintain my healthy physique and dietary habits which have set me up for a happier life, not only physically but mentally too. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Charlotte is a knowledgeable, kind and caring professional nutritionist with a great educational background and experience. Within a few months, Charlotte has helped me lose 3 stone! The Information she retrieves of the top of her head on a moment's notice is very impressive.
Charlotte, very importantly, is also a realist: Her advice is real-world advice. She does not expect you to change overnight and gives you little tricks to overcome the arguably less than ideal habits that you may have developed over the years. As a nutritionist, she relies on evidence-based advice, that you can actually implement in the fast-paced world we live in.

Articles Published by Charlotte

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