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Move aside chickpeas - lupins are the new hummus to try

Updated: Feb 21

The Health Nutritionist was recently contacted by Tarwi foods, a company looking to revolutionise hummus with the nutrition-rich lupin bean. When they offered for us to try their new creations we couldn't say no! I must admit we hadn’t even heard of the lupin bean before and we are keen to investigate further.

Lummus - made from lupin beans

So what exactly are lupin beans?

Lupin beans are a legume ( like chickpeas, beans, soybeans and lentils) originally from Europe. The benefits of lupin beans are their high protein, fibre and nutritional contents.

We love this graph that highlights the nutritional makeup of lupins versus other legumes:

protein content of lupins

From a nutritional perspective, it is great to hear about a new legume that offers a good mix of protein, fibre and a wealth of nutritional benefits.

For us, it's not about which legume is better as we believe it's all about diversity and balance and it's great to have a new dip or a new spread to add to your salads or meals. What's more, lupins are locally found around Europe so a better sustainable option for


We love lupins for the following reasons:

● They are a sustainable source of plant protein

● They add diversity to our diets

● They are high in gut-friendly fibre

● They have a good balance of protein, fibre and nutrients.

● They give us something new to try with our salads and dips.

Where can you find lupins?

Lupins as yet are not mainstream and won’t be found in your regular supermarkets but for those in the know, you can find them in most health food shops. If you do buy lupin beans make sure they are ready to eat or cook as lupins require a lengthy soaking process to make them edible. If the beans haven’t been soaked then they are toxic for us to eat, similar to kidney beans and other legumes so do be mindful and read the food labels.

Why not try Lummus? Tarwi foods have taken this protein-packed lupin bean and made lots of flavourful and colourful lupin dips which they have branded Lummus. We personally loved the diversity of choice and we think it makes a great addition as spread in a lunchtime wrap or simply as a salad dressing.

Have you tried lupins?

We would love to know your favourite recipes and what you think of them?

Do you have a nutritional product and need help with any of the nutritional labelling, or brand marketing or just need a nutritional expert's opinion on your new food product? Feel free to contact us and we can arrange a complimentary chat to see how we can help your company.


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