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Looking for the best nutritionist for your needs and budget?

Complete the form and based on your information we will provide you with the best nutritionist or dietitians for your needs.

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  • How much are nutrition consultations?
    Our fees vary depending on the experience level of the nutritionist. If you visit our team page you can filter by experience level to find a nutritionist that suits your needs. Consultations start from £70 per session
  • How many consultations will I require?
    The number of consultations required will depend on the intensity of the nutritional goal you are aiming for. Typically we suggest a minimum of 3 consultations. This will cover a detailed nutritional assessment, a nutrition plan and a follow up appointment. For more intensive nutritional consultations for eating disorder therapy that require additional support we would recommend seeing you at least every month.
  • What locations are your clinics?
    Our nutritionists offer both skype and in-person clinic appointments. Our clinic locations are as follows: Islington, London Mayfair, London The Lansdowne Club, London Twyford, Berkshire Clifton, Bristol
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    We understand that sometimes our plans change and we offer free cancellation for any appointment cancelled within 48hrs notice. If you need to cancel within the 48hrs the full amount of your consultation will be non-refundable.
  • How do I pay for my appointment?
    At point of booking the Health Nutritionist will send over a secure invoice using our payment partner square payments. We will never ask for you to transfer money or for your bank details.
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