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Take control and start your new healthy lifestyle with our weight management and nutrition meal guides written by our registered nutritionists. Each meal guide contains over 20 pages of  35+ new recipes to try . Each recipe has been chosen from our nutritionists to help you feel supported on your healthy eating plan. Alongside the nutritious recipes we provide guidance and education of how to plan your meals and how to balance your plate.

We believe that everyone needs tailored and personalised advice and sometimes a bit of inspiration can make all the difference. We have created these expertly curated meal guides that contain over 20 pages of evidence-based nutrition advice and include nutritionally approved recipes for weight loss.


What’s included:


Expert nutrition advice and healthy eating tips

Over 35+ recipes without nutritional analysis (if you want nutritional analysis pleae choose that option)

25% off your first nutrition consultation included – Worth up to £15

Simple easy to follow recipe ideas that have lots of vegan, veggie and GF options


We understand its not nice sometimes to see the calories of the meals you are making which is why you can choose whether you want your meal guide to include the nutritional info (kcal, fat, carbs etc) or choose one without.


The £15 off voucher is valid for 6 months and can be redemmed for a 1 hour online nutrition consultation with a nutritionist or dietitian on our team.



Due to the digital nature of this product refunds are not available.

Weight management and nutrition guide N.B without nutritional analysis

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