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Guest post contributions to Health Nutritionist Blog

Editorial rules and guidelines

Who can contribute to the Health Nutritionist Blog?
We welcome content writers, SEO professionals, nutritionists, dietitians, or nutrition students to contribute to the Health Nutritionist blog.

Contributor agreement
Contributors agree to the terms and guidelines set out below. By submitting your article as a draft and contributing to our blog, you accept that Health Nutritionist will own the content and can at any time remove the content if for any reason.
By submitting your guest post, you abide by the terms and conditions of Health Nutritionist. You understand that our team is under no obligation to publish your article and can amend the content as required. Health Nutritionist is a small business and requires to charge an administration fee of £45 to contribute to the cost of time required to review the content and does not under any circumstances mean that you have paid for a guest post, nor does it mean you are guaranteed the article will be added to our blog content.

We encourage you to read through the guidelines below to maximise the likelihood of contributing to our blog as a guest writer:

Editorial guidelines:

1. Posts must be 100% unique and not published elsewhere. We only want unique content and will not publish content that does not pass our plagiarism checks. All content must be correctly attributed to the author or source originally used.

2. The content must appeal to our audience and be relevant to nutrition, health, and wellness topics. The content must be evidenced based and not include any health claims or health advice. Our website's content does not diagnose or treat individuals, nor do we want to promote or sell third-party businesses or products through misleading content or claims.

3. Posts must be expertly written and be 1000 words minimum in length. Articles should have clear headings, must be grammatically correct and use the English language (UK version). The content must include headings and short paragraphs (2-3 sentences maximum per paragraph).

4. In-article links.

You may include third-party authoritative sources within your article as these links tell the reader that you are incorporating third-party perspectives and evidence in support of your argument. We also encourage you to read through our exciting content and link to our articles within your article.


In-article link guidelines​

  • The link must not be promotional in nature or have self-promotional calls to action. The links must link to accessible content (i.e., not gated content)

  • The Health Nutritionist reserve the right to add rel no follow to any link or remove a link at any time, before or after an article is published.

  • No links to websites or content that is not relevant to the health and wellness industry which explicitly means no gambling, porn, CBD products, loans, or unregulated/unlicensed products.

  • Buying, trading, or selling links is strictly prohibited. 

5. Formatting & Grammar Tips

  • Use H2 headings for your subheadings.

  • Use H3 headings for sections within your subheadings. If you need to go another level deeper, it should be bold (not H4).

  • No span tags.

  • No div tags.

  • Avoid bolding within sentences.

  • No filler/font formatting that affects content appearance.

  • One space after punctuation.

  • Example URLs (e.g., need to be plain text (not hyperlinked).


6. Disclosures

  • If you have a relationship with a company or someone mentioned in your post, you must disclose it. Some examples of disclosures:

  • Citing original data/research from your company: “(Disclosure: I work for [insert company name here])”

  • “My case study features the X, a client of mine.”​

7. Re-publishing guidelines

To avoid duplicate content issues with Google, we permit content to be republished 14 days after publishing on Health Nutritionist. You MUST use a canonical link.

8. Editing your article

We may add a disclaimer at the end of any article to disclose any relationships (or lack thereof) that either Health Nutritionist or the author may have with organisations mentioned in the article.

In the instance of corrections to by-lines, facts, or updates to published articles, Health Nutritionist reserves the right to edit any post at any time. Post changes may be noted with a note from the editor about the change and the reasoning for the update or change, if applicable.

What content should I write?

Content on health, nutrition, fitness and well-being is encouraged. Examples of content that performs well include;

Helpful lists for our audience – i.e a checklist for what to pack on your summer picnic, or top 10 IBS tips, the annual health or nutrition /food trends to watch out for. We also prioritise expertly written lifestyle articles that reference evidence-based nutrition research and articles from top scientific journals.

Content publishing process

1.  Submit your draft article idea and submit the administration fee in the form below.

2.  Within 2 weeks our team will email you with suggestions to amend or edit the draft article received.

3.  After 2 weeks our team will either approve or disprove the content and offer you a chance to edit your article and content as required.

4.  If approval has been granted your content is then published 2-3 weeks after the last amendment has been received.

Submit your draft for review using the form below

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