Senior Nutritionist / Dietitian

60 min nutrition consultation with a senior nutritional professional.

  • 1 hour
  • 125 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

Our consultations last for 60 minutes. During the consultation our nutritionist or dietitian will introduce the session agenda, run through the client assessment form and conduct a full medical and dietary review, addressing all health symptoms, health concerns and a full understanding into your lifestyle and health goals. Please bring a full list of all medication you are currently taking and any recent test results you may have received. If you are seeing your professional in person we will conduct advanced body assessments and measurements. We then work with you to refine a treatment programme based on setting mutual goals. Goal setting is a fundamental process into making each session tangible and outcome focused. Each goal is designed to be time specific, manageable and focused. Once we have outlined the treatment programme, our nutritionists will give you practical, personalised advice to take away. This will be individual to you and will be based on how these changes can fit around you and your lifestyle, we don’t expect you to complete change your taste preferences or your social lifestyle but we give you expert ways to bring in real sustained behavioural change that lasts. ​

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Health Nutritionist Clinic, Greenfinch Drive, Twyford, Reading, UK

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