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Core areas of expertise:


Intuitive Eating

Hi, I’m Scarlet Gilbart and non-diet and HAES aligned registered associate nutritionist with the AFN.

I understand what it is like to be uncomfortable in your body and to not know what to do in terms of nutrition. I also understand how easy it is to be sucked into diet cultures' grasp and to not know how to trust your body.

Nutrition is very individual and healthy looks different on everyone, I aim to help you understand what healthy means to you and your body and to help you wholeheartedly trust that your body has your back.


Within our sessions, we will dive into the psychology of nutrition working as a team to figure out what we can do to build that relationship back up with your body and food and help you feel comfortable and confident in all circumstances.

I offer sessions intensely focusing on intuitive eating and body image as well as everyday nutrition sessions where we look at your nutrition needs, through a non-diet lens helping build up healthy eating practices.

Educational Background:

BSc in Psychology – University of Roehampton
MSc in Clinical nutrition (AFN recognised) – University of Roehampton

Intuitive Eating
Disordered Eating
Body Image Work
CPD certificates
Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice – London Centre of Intuitive
Body Image Training: The Missing Piece of Whole-Body Healing – Marci RD Nutrition
Nutrition Counselling for Eating Disorder: A 5-Part Online Training - Marci RD Nutrition

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