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Registered Dietitians

Registered dietitians are registered with the HCPC and the BDA

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Registered Nutritionists

Registered nutritionists that have Anutr or RNutr after their name are registered nutritionists with the AFN.

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Registered Nutritionists AFN

Joe Mclean ANutr

Joe brings over 7 years experience in health sciences and specialises in appetite regulation, weight loss and personalised nutrition. He is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN & also works as a health coach looking at lifestyle factors that influence eating behaviours.


Francesca Straniero ANutr

As a professional ballet dancer, Francesca has had to monitor her nutritional intake for over 18 years and uses this unique insight to provide clients practical, insightful and lifestyle-driven nutritional advice in both Italian and English. She is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN



Nourhan Barakat ANutr

Nourhan calls on her experience in the food industry and her work in helping improve food provision for children, to offer clients evidence-based nutritional advice. She is a registered associate nutritionist with the AfN and offers consultations in Arabic as well.



Registered Dietitians

Tabitha Ward RD

Tabitha is an HCPC registered dietitian, with a keen interest in weight management. She is currently working as a senior dietitian for a weight management service and has been elected to be part of the British Dietetic Association Obesity Specialist committee.


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