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Nourhan ANutr

Merhaba, I'm Nourhan


I am a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) with experience working with nutrition and health charities to improve kid's and family’s health and wellbeing. I have experience in creating and delivering engaging and informed nutrition and healthy eating sessions/workshops (evidence-based) to families and children at schools or afterschool clubs.

I believe that everyone is unique and that is why I take a client-centred approach and work with you to incorporate evidence-based nutrition and fitness goals into your lifestyle. Working in the food industry has helped me to have an in-depth understanding of food and ingredients. I understand achieving health goals is not a straightforward task which is why I will support you with the tools, tips and guidance necessary to help you feel comfortable and empowered to lead a sustainable healthy life.


I specialise in the following areas:

-Family nutrition – nutrition at various stages of your family

-Weight management

-Healthy Eating

I provide nutritional consultations, in English and Arabic, both online and in our clinics in London.

Educational Background:

Clinical pharmacy BSc – University of Suez-canal (Egypt)

Human Nutrition (Public health) MSc – London Metropolitan university


Additional training:

-Clinical assessment

-IBS training as part of my BSc courses

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I've been struggling with my weight for a long time, and I got tired of all kinds of diets I've tried. I needed professional help!
Miss Nourhan proved to be the professional help I needed. She took into consideration all the challenges with my hormones and designed an easy dietary plan! It's been fun cooking and choosing food I never thought of, with the certainty that not only it will help me lose weight, but also provide the needful nutrients for my health! THANK YOU!

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