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Lucy ANutr

Hi, I’m Lucy,


I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with a passion for all things food and nutrition related.   In our sessions, I like to take a holistic and person-centred approach to care, combining elements of nutrition, behaviour and counselling experience to support you with your health and wellbeing goals.


I operate my nutrition sessions through the lens of a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach. I believe that everybody (and every body) is worthy of achieving health and well-being, no matter what weight or size, given access to non-stigmatizing support and care.


Your relationship with food develops throughout your life and is completely unique to you. Although everybody is on their own journey, some common goals and hopes when improving your relationship with food within nutrition consultations can include:


  • Feeling less stressed and guilty around food

  • Breaking away from the binge-restrict cycle

  • Making peace and giving yourself permission to eat food you enjoy

  • Tuning into your natural hunger and fullness cues

  • Incorporating food and habits which nourish and satisfy you.


I also have a special interest in how body image (the way you perceive yourself) plays a unique role in your relationship with food, and how improving body image can a positive impact on your overall quality of life.  I specialise in the following areas:


Non-diet approaches to eating well (Including Intuitive Eating)

Body image

Disordered eating

Educational Background:


  • MSc Nutrition & Behaviour (Accredited with Association for Nutrition)

  • BSc Human Nutrition (Accredited with Association for Nutrition)


Additional Training:


  • Certificate in Counselling

  • Intuitive Eating: Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approach in Practise

  • Body Image Healing Online Training for Clinicians: The Missing Piece of Whole-Body Healing

  • Motivational Interviewing in Health Care















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