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Bajwa RNutr

Hello, I'm Harman,

I'm a Registered Nutritionist, RNutr (Public health/Food arena) with a medical background. I have a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for making a positive impact with health and nutrition evidence-based expertise. I provide personalised and tailored support that suits your needs and requirements.

I have successfully worked across London and Essex councils for obesity lead projects thereby improving end-user health and lifestyle. I developed and delivered interactive educational sessions/workshops and training focussing on type 2 diabetes, healthy eating and weight management.

My practical advice and evidence-based support have been appreciated by my clients. I am dedicated to making a healthy change. We will work in partnership throughout your health journey making sure you are in charge of your own health.

My reward is to see you leading a happy, healthy and nutritious life! I have made a positive impact in many lives while working in NHS, private and volunteer sectors. I am a health, nutrition and life lover!

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu

I provide nutritional consultations online and in our London clinics.  

I specialise in helping clients across these specialist areas:


  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Adult and young people weight management (evidence-based approach)

  • Early Years Nutrition support (6 months - 4 years) 


Educational Background


MBBS  - Lugansk State Medical University

Human Nutrition- Sports (Public health) MSc - London Metropolitan University
















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I received type 2 diabetes nutrition support from Harman. I was very confused and upset with my experiences so was a bit choosy to pick a nutrition professional. I'm glad my wife found Harman who provided me with exceptional and outstanding services that leads me to achieve blood glucose 5.5 and HbA1C is now 32. My diabetic nurse says I’m in remission already, I’m really pleased with my health results and all credit goes to Harman who believed in me and provided me with food plans, education and motivation along my health journey. Philippa P

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